What is Stevia Sugar?

Stevia Sugar is natural sweetener made from the extracts of the stevia derived from the leaves of the plant species stevia rebaudiana.

Why Stevia Sugar? Stevia Sugar is Zero Calorie and Zero glycemic index natural sweetener and it is the best replacement for cane sugar & sugar free (artificial) sweeteners. What is Swadeshi Stevia Sugar? Swadeshi is a brand name of Stevia Sugar Co. which deals in Stevia Sugar Products made using the extracts of stevia derived from rebaudiana (Reb-A) plants grown organically in India. Is Stevia Sweeteners are used in all countries? Japan has adopted to stevia sweeteners since 1970's and most of the developed countries have already spotted the opportunity to sweeten the beverages, food and products naturally without adding calories. Can Diabetics use Stevia Sugar? Yes, Diabetics can take Stevia Sugar. High in antioxidants and with zero calories and zero glycmeic index, it does not increase blood sugar levels making it highly beneficial for management of diabetes without impacting lifestyle choices. Who else can benefit from Stevia Sugar? As well as being diabetes-friendly, Stevia Suagr is also known to be helpful for people struggling with Obesity, Dieting and weight management and tooth decay. How Stevia Sugar has been used in beverages and food? As a pre-packaged replacement for cane sugar & artificial (synthetic) sweeteners and Stevia Sugar is also used in many ready to use food and beverages. Can it be used for cooking or baking? Yes, Stevia Sugar can be used for cooking and baking which is heat stable up to 150 degree centigrade. What are the forms Stevia Sugar available? Swadeshi Stevia Sugar is available in the form of Granules, Powder, Cubes, Liquid, Spray and Syrup. Is Stevia Sugar approved by regulating authority in India? Swadeshi Stevia Sugar Products are approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) Where can I get Swadeshi Stevia Sugar? Swadeshi Stevia Sugar products are available in all leading stores in major cities and also in online stores, Amazon, Flipkart etc.,


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