What is Stevia?

Stevia is a nature's gift to mankind. It is one of the most popular natural sweeteners of the 21st Century across the globe. Stevia plant species having different varieties, but the most widely used is the stevia rebaudiana because of its extraordinary sweetening properties. Stevia plants, which is a native of the subtropical, tropical south and Central American regions. The leaves of this plant have been in use for about 1500 years. The local people of two regions in Brazil and Paraguay used the leaves as sweeteners for tea and medicines.

Stevia is the only well known natural substitute to sugar with high intensity sweetness and virtually zero calories. Apart from being calorie free natural sweetener, stevia has many health benefits when consumed regularly for a period of time. Health Benefits of Stevia Stevia is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and fiber. Stevia is having antioxidant, anti aging, antiseptic, antibacterial & antimicrobial properties. Some people take stevia for the purposes such as lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes, heartburn, high uric acid levels in the blood, for weight loss, to stimulate the heart rate and for water retention in the body. Helps in maintaining blood pressure. Helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Helps to prevent cavities and gingivitis. Beneficial for Weight loss and weight management. Helps to Boost bone health & reduces risk of osteoporosis. Stevia is being cultivated throughout the world. Stevia requires warm temperatures with minimal frost, adequate rainfall, and lots of sunshine. Stevia is grown best in environments with long days of sunshine.

This plant is perennial herb which can attain a maximum height of 90cm. Stevia can be grown at home garden also as long it gets sunlight for minimum 5-6hours and water on daily basis.


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