Palm Sugar Most Frequently Asked Questions

The 9 most frequently asked questions about palm sugar

Where does palm sugar come from?

The sugar palm (Arenga pinnata) is native to the coastal and tropical regions of Asia, mainly China and Indonesia. The sap used to produce palm sugar is known in India as gur and in Indonesia as gula aren. The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) yields coconut palm sugar from the sap of its flowers.

Is Plam Sugar is also called coconut sugar and brown sugar?

YES, It is also referred to as coconut sugar because of its origin and as brown sugar because of its colour

Is palm sugar better than jaggery? Palm sugar is similar but made from a different type of palm tree. Jaggery is a concentrate of date, sugar cane juice and or palm sap without separation of the molasses. palm sugar can contain 70-80% sucrose and jaggery about 50% sucrose.

Whats is the GI (Glycemic Index) score of Plam Sugar?

The Plam Sugar is having a GI (Glycemic Index) score of 35

Is Plam Sugar is with Zero Calories?

No, its with calories 1gram of Plam Sugar is having 3.37 Calories 100grams of Plam Sugar is having 337 Calories But it is comparatively lesser than cane sugar.

Is Plam Sugar is free from (carbs) Carbohydrates?

No, its with carbs. A teaspoon of Plam Sugar contains 4grams of (carbs) Carbohydrates But it is comparatively lesser than cane sugar.

Does palm sugar raise blood sugar? Yes, It causes a significant rise in blood sugar levels.

Is Palm sugar okay for diabetics? People with diabetes should take care when consuming palm sugar, it is comparatively low in GI, Carbs & Calories of Cane Sugar. If they wish to add palm sugar to their diet, they should do so in moderation and account for the number of carbs and calories it contains. Instead, they can consider using stevia sugar which is having zero glycemic indexes, zero calories and carbohydrates free. Stevia Sugar is an ideal sweetener for diabetics.

Plam Sugar or Stevia Sugar, which the better choice for diabetics?

Stevia is the better and healthier option for Diabetics for the below reasons The Plam Sugar is having a GI (Glycemic Index) score of 35 The Stevia Sugar is having a GI (Glycemic Index) score of 00 5grams of Plam Sugar contains 16.9 Calories as against 0 (Zero) Calories in Stevia Sugar. A teaspoon of Plam Sugar has about 4grams of Carbs as against Zero Carbs in Stevia Sugar. Learn More About Healthy Sugar Substitute To Sweeten Your Food

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