10 Best foods for Quick Weight Gain

If you want to gain your weight quickly then you must consider the below foods on your regular diet for at least 3-6months.

1. Burger

The burger is a diet rich in cholesterol and saturated fat. Burgers are also a high sodium diet. It is high in calories, low in nutrition, lots of sugar and carbs.

2. Pizza

A slice of cheese pizza contains 17.9 grams of fat which increase cholesterol level and can lead to quick weight gain.

3. Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks are very rich in sugar & high caloric, weight gain is 100% assured when consumed regularly.

4. French Fries

French fries have a lot of fat and salt that could raise your weight.

5. Cakes

Cakes have a very high content of carbohydrates and fats and so may make you put on weight.

6. Sweets

The Sweets contains more than 30% of sugar in it, which makes it very high caloric food; consuming sweets on a regular diet is a sure way of increasing your weight.

7. Chocolates

Chocolate is not only high in total fat but high in saturated fat.

8. Ice Creams

Ice cream's high-calorie load may promote weight gain if you eat too much.

9. Milk Shakes

Milk Shakes are high in calorie and fat.

10.Fried Snacks & Foods (Chips, Namkeen, Vada & Samosa)

Fried foods are high in fat, calories, and often salt.

Beware of the side effects while you consider the above foods for weight gain. Along with the weight gain, it can create a host of issues like blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more...

Do you want to lose your weight?

Then you must consider to stay away or cut down on the above foods from your regular diet forever.


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